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Here are some of the most frequently requested presentations


**The Weekend Book Proposal

**How to Be Your Own Best Editor

**Assembling a Knockout Poetry Manuscript

**Taboo Poetry: Writing About Vices, Addictions, & Obsessions

**Writing (for) Your Life

**Writing a Memoir . . . and Making it Publishable

**How to Thrive in the YA Marketplace

**Unlocking “Unlocked”

**The Serious Business of Comics

**Storytelling in the Digital Age


**The Myths and Realities of Your “Creativity IQ”

Digital Media

**Teacher vs. Internet? Making Technology Work for You in the Classroom

**The NEW Digital Diet: Surviving and Thriving in a Hyperconnected World

**The Age of “Friending”: The Past, Present, and Future of Social Networking

**Surviving and Thriving in the Workplace . . . in a Super-Connected Digital World

**Video Game Addiction: Surrender and Consequences in the Digital Age

**The Digital Dilemma: An Inside Look at Internet Addiction

**Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Social Networking (But Were Afraid to Ask): A Crash Course for Mental Health Professionals

**Social Media: Boon or Bane for the Business World?

Don’t see the exact presentation you want? Use the CONTACT form and ask! Dr. Van Cleave regularly creates and delivers custom-made talks and workshops on such topics as education in the 21st century, our networked society, the Digital Age, social media and social communications, leadership and entrepreneurship, as well as writing, editing, and publishing in print and digital formats.

No group is too large
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