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Here are some of my favorite people & places to visit


“Living and loving the freelance life
on your own terms”

Not just a mag but a great resource hub, too.

Another cool website

with loads of info and resources beyond the mag.

 resource hub, too.

Because it’s always a great idea to write well.

Good enough to replace grammar handbooks in

most classrooms!

Free info on which literary agents are selling what to whom (and for how much)? Sign me up!

The bigger, better version of Publisher’s Lunch. Some if this info can be gotten for free. The rest cost $$$, but you get what you pay for.

A good mag.

Nice free goodies on the website, too.

Who doesn’t dig Neil Gaiman?

David Sedaris.

He thinks owls are funny. Enough said!

Jay Asher’s book

13 Reasons Why is a tremendously good read.

Rick Riordan writes books that get kids reading.
Check him out to see why.


If you want to write great short fiction, here’s where the bar is at: Lorrie Moore.

Chuck Wendig makes my students laugh and learn. He seems like someone you’d want to have a beer with.

Julianna Baggott is talented in so many genres. And my kids love her YA/MG books. Score!

AJ Jacobs is a solid writer with a keen sense of humor.

An entertaining speaker, too.